How to choose swing chiars?插图Swing chairs allow you to relax while rocking like a cradle. They also serve as stylish interior decorations. However, there are a variety of installation methods, such as ceiling-suspended and stand-type chairs, as well as egg-shaped and chair-shaped chairs, etc. Amazon carries a wide variety of chairs, making it difficult to decide which one to choose.

In this issue, we will introduce how to choose a swing chair. We have also picked up points to prevent accidents and the opinions of people who regret their purchase. Keep in mind how to choose, and get the perfect swing chair for your home.

How to choose swing chiars?插图1Installation method that fits the place where it will be used

If you don’t want to take up a lot of space, consider a ceiling-suspended type. This type of chair is suspended from metal fixtures installed in the ceiling, and its advantage is that it takes up less space. It is also less oppressive and easier to clean under the chair. This type is also suitable for those who want a hammock type, many of which are suspended from the ceiling. However, the hanging type is recommended only if you can drill a hole in the ceiling or beam. In many cases, it is not possible to drill holes in ceilings for renters, so it will be difficult to use. Even if you are not renting, if you do not have a ceiling or beam that can be installed, please avoid this type.

If you want to instal a chair easily without making a hole in the ceiling, choose a place upright type. The chairs are suspended from a stand and stand on their own, so they can be situated anywhere. This type is appropriate for people who live in a rented flat or who want to go around the moderate to multiple locations, such as the living room or garden. The stand type is recommended for populate who can place it in a somewhat large room. Since they take up a lot of space, they tend to get in the way in a small room and make the room feel oppressive.When choosing a stand type, carefully consider where you want to place it before purchasing.

Designs that match the atmosphere you prefer

How to choose swing chiars?插图2If your room has a simple, natural Norse interior, match it with Scandinavian-style items. Scandinavian style is characterized by bright decor, so white is the perfect base color. Also, items made of warm, natural materials pit well with Scandinavian-style rooms. We recommend using cotton or canvas materials, or a combination of wooden materials and fabrics. However, it is safe to avoid items made of rattan, a natural material, as it reminds one of the tropics.

If you are aiming for a luxurious, hotel-like setting, view tropical resort-style chairs. A hanging moderate that creates a resort atmosphere wish add to the room’s ambiance. They also go well with rooms with oriental hues and natural materials. If you pick out a chair with a tropic resort design, a rattan-style chair is the perfect choice. Because the plant is native to Southeast Asia, a rattan-style chair will give a room a tropical look. Colors much as black and brownness are also perfect for tropical tastes.

The perfect shape for your usage scenario

How to choose swing chiars?插图3If you are looking for a wide seating see that wraps around you, how about an egg-shaped chair, also known as a wall hanging egg chair? The egg-shaped chair is saint for those who need to spend clock alone or for those who seek a sense of security.

For those who value comfort, thechair type is suitable. Compared to the egg-shaped chair, the chair-type chair is slimmer and the backrest fits the body more comfortably. It also takes up less quad than the egg shape and is right for people who want to sit with  an open mind, as it is easier to look around.

Materials relevant for outdoor use

How to choose swing chiars?插图4Those who want to aim swing chairs outdoors, so much as in a garden, should consider artificial rattan material. Artificial rattan is serviceable and waterproof. Natural rattan rotang is impressible to dryness and direct sunlight, but artificial materials have been developed to cover these disadvantages and are easy to apply outdoors.

It is also lightweight, making it ideal for people who require to use it in a variety show of locations. While many wall swing chairs are heavy, artificial rattan palm will be easy to move because it is mostly made of plastic and is lightweight. It is also soft to maintain and does not fade easily.

Size to fit your lifestyle

Size selection is also important. If you are placing it in a room where you live alone, we recommend a one-person swing chair with a seat as small as 80 cm. The vantage is that it takes up less space and is to a lesser extent likely to interfere with your lifestyle. If you select a chair-type hanging lead with a clean back structure, you can use it without feeling oppressive.

If you want to sit together with your spouse or children, choose a two-person size; the two-person type has a large 140 cm wide seat and a sturdy hanging part. It is suitable for families to use together and makes group time more comfortable.

How to choose swing chiars?插图5

To avoid shopping mistakes, check the opinions of people who regret buying hanging chairs. Some of the reviews from people who regretted their purchase include: “It was scary because it shook when a strong wind blew,” “I got drunk from shaking while reading a book,” and “At first I thought it was stylish, but it took up a lot of space and was in the way. ”

If you are worried about swaying, we recommend that you check the reviews on our website to see how the swaying is. If you are easily intoxicated, avoid doing detailed tasks such as reading a book. In addition, because of their large size, swing chairs tend to take up a lot of space. Please consider the installation space well in advance.

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