Swing chairs are seen in commercials and movies. Many people may admire those quirky chairs that sway and sway. However, when it comes time to buy a swing chair, many of you may be wondering, “Where can I buy one?” Many people are probably wondering, “I don’t know what kind of chairs there are.

In this article, we would like to introduce some stylish swing chairs that would fit perfectly with an adult interior, so please take a look at our selection of swing chairs.

Komforta Hammock Chair [KOMFORTA]

This two-way hammock chair is handmade and woven by artisans in Serbia, southern Spain. The legs can be extended, and the chair can be used as a rocking chair with the normal legs down, or as a hammock with the legs extended so that the whole-body floats in the air. The thick fabric, soft back cushion and pillows make it a comfortable swing chair.

In addition to the regular fabric type, there are also denim fabric and genuine cowhide leather types in the lineup, making it an item that can be used in a wide range of situations, even if it is a hammock-type swing chair that tends to give a casual impression. The attached cushion softly wraps around the body, making it comfortable to sleep on, and the three cushions reduce body pain caused by prolonged use, which is often the case with hammocks, and are recommended for those who want to take a nap while rocking in a hammock.

OVIS SWING CHAIR [Ladies & Gentleman Studio]

This is a hammock-type swing chair made by L&G in the United States. The frame is made of wood and metal pipes and covered with a genuine leather seat. The genuine leather seat, like the fabric, sinks in with your body, allowing you to enjoy a floating sensation, and as the years go by, you can enjoy its color changing as it becomes more familiar with your body.

The fresh impression and modern, lean design are recommended for trendy West Coast style and Provence-style interiors that resemble an elegant villa by the sea. The simple design using genuine leather also blends well with interior styles reminiscent of hunting, such as African-style interiors, making it a recommended chair for those who want to create a natural yet luxurious atmosphere.

Hanging Egg Chair [Yamakawa Rattan Japan]

This chair is a swing chair with a world-famous design by a Danish female designer “Nana Dietzel. It is an egg-shaped swing chair made of densely woven rattan, and its stable seating comfort and enveloping shape give a sense of security. The rattan body itself weighs only 10 kg, making it one of the lightest chair-type swing chairs, and the natural flavor of the rattan will soothe your mind.

It is available in natural and black, with or without a stand, and can be hung from the ceiling. The fabric portion of the cushion is available in about 60 different colors, and a water-repellent version for outdoor use is also available, for those looking for both outdoor and dual use. From natural taste to resort taste, the rattan material blends in well with Japanese taste, so we recommend this chair for those who want to adopt a swing chair in a Japanese-style room.


This is a collaboration item between “Goop,” a brand launched in 2008 by Hollywood actress “Gwyneth Paltrow,” famous as the heroine of Iron Man, and American interior brand “CB2. The metal frame is woven with cotton white and navy hand-woven ropes and brown genuine leather accents, giving this swing chair a softness different from that of rattan. The attached plump cushions are also made of velvet fabric and have a soft, comfortable, and stress-free feel against the skin in combination with the main body of the chair.

The navy design with white and brown accents gives a sophisticated impression as if it is a product of the brand of the famous fashionable Hollywood actress, and the rounded design gives a cool impression that is not flirtatious. It is an item that can be easily incorporated into any interior, regardless of whether you are a woman or a man.

Regg (wall-hanging type) [Lattoog]

This is a hanging armchair inspired by the hammock and Arne Jacobsen’s “Egg Armchair,” which was released by the Brazilian brand “lattoog. The surface fabric gives it a soft impression at first glance, but the glass fiber frame and polyurethane foam make it a firm, comfortable chair-type swing chair. There are two types: a ceiling hanging type and the wall-hanging type introduced here. The wall-hanging type saves space on the wall and can be used as a swing chair.

The wall-hung type saves space on the wall and can be used as a swing chair. It has a high functional point in that it is stable and comfortable to sit on, and the arm prevents arm fatigue when reading or doing other tasks. It can also be used as a reading chair by placing it on the wall next to a bookshelf, or as a personal sofa in a living room that would otherwise feel too small with a sofa, by using this floor-viewing chair instead of a sofa.


The swing chair is used by hanging the chair from the ceiling or a special stand. Soft cushions wrap around the body, providing an easy resort-like atmosphere. They are recommended for those who want to experience a more luxurious seating experience than that of a sofa.

Since there are a variety of swing chairs available, it is important to compare different types, shapes, and load capacities. Please refer to the products introduced here to find the perfect swing chair for you.

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