A BBQ stove is an essential item for barbecuing. A wide variety of products are available from each manufacturer, including standard types, tabletop types, and bonfire stand types. In addition, there are various types of fuel to use, such as charcoal, gas, and electricity, making it difficult to choose.

This time, we will explain in detail the types of barbecue stoves, how to choose one, and the recommended manufacturers, so be sure to check it out.

What Is a BBQ Stove? How To Choose It Well?插图Types of barbecue stoves

Standard type

What Is a BBQ Stove? How To Choose It Well?插图1The standard type is a basic barbecue stove with legs attached to the stove. The feature is that you can enjoy a buffet-style barbecue while gathering with many people. Even though it is large, it can be stored compactly and is easy to carry.

Models that allow you to adjust the height by extending or removing the legs are convenient and easy to match to your height and style. Also useful for low style camping. There is a wide variety of sizes, functionality, and designs, including items for small groups and items that can be used as bonfire stands. It is also attractive that you can choose according to the number of people and the usage scene.

Tabletop type

What Is a BBQ Stove? How To Choose It Well?插图2The tabletop type is characterized by being easy to use by placing it on a table. You can enjoy a barbecue while sitting around a table with multiple people like you would at a restaurant. Recommended for those who want to cook while sitting slowly. It’s compact, so it’s convenient to store and carry. Also, it is easy to use not only at the campsite but also in your garden or terrace. It is useful for small group meals such as family camping and solo camping.

Grill type with lid

What Is a BBQ Stove? How To Choose It Well?插图3Grill types with lids are recommended for those who want to enjoy authentic outdoor cooking. Not only can you bake it, but you can also steam it with the lid on. What’s more, if you use smoked chips, you can also enjoy smoked dishes. The key point is that many models come with a thermometer, making cooking easier. If it has casters, you can move it smoothly. However, keep in mind that the lid makes it easier to carry more luggage, and many models are heavy.

What Is a BBQ Stove? How To Choose It Well?插图4How to choose a barbecue stove

Check the size of the grilling surface according to the number of people

Check the size of the broiling surface of your barbecue stove, and choose one supported by the majority of participants. A stove that is too large for the number of people is not only inopportune to carry, but it also takes time to clean up. Also, if the items are excessively small, you can only broil modest amounts, so it’s difficult to make multiple servings at once.

The suggested size is 30 x 20 cm for 2 to 3 people, 40 x 30 cm for 4 to 5 people, and 60 x 40 cm for 6 to 8 people. If you have a large group of 10 or more people, you can use a bigger model if you want to use it in the garden, but it will be difficult to carry if you have to travel long distances, so we advocate preparing multiple models of nearly 40 x 30 cm.

What Is a BBQ Stove? How To Choose It Well?插图5Check the fuel used


If you need to enjoy authentic barbecue food, we advocate a charcoal-fired barbecue stove. Although it takes time to unhorse the fire and clean up, the appeal is that the far-infrared and near-infrared rays create Delicious baked goods.

Another point is that the lineup is extensive, making it easy to pick out a product that suits your tastes and usage. Many of them are relatively cheap, making them suitable for beginners.

Gas type

If you value convenience, we recommend a gas barbecue stove. Although the fuel price and track undefined are higher than charcoal, it is soft to ignite and can wangle food easily. Another good thing is that it doesn’t take much time to clean up later because it doesn’t use charcoal.

Another appeal is that gas cans are easy to procure. It is easily available as it is sold at supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, etc. In addition, you can easily and finely adjust the inflame power, and even if you run out of fuel, you can easily replace the gas can, making it recommended for those purchasing a barbecue stove for the first time.

What Is a BBQ Stove? How To Choose It Well?插图6Check the material

Stainless steel

Stainless steel barbecue stoves are rust-resistant and durable. Although it is more expensive than steel, it is cost-effective as it can be old for a long clock without having to be replaced frequently. Another point is that many of the models are lightweight and easy to handle. It is easy to carry, set up, and maintain after use, making it recommended for those who use it frequently.

Made of steel

Steel barbecue stoves are attractive because they are affordable and easy to purchase. Since the initial cost tin be kept low, it is recommended for beginners and those who require to try on out a barbecue stove. Many models are heavy and inconvenient to carry, but if you use them in your garden, it won’t be too practically of a burden. It rusts easily, so delight take care of it frequently.

Disposable type

Disposable types made of aluminum or cardboard allow you to enjoy barbecue easily. Many of them come in sets with a grill, fuel, igniter, etc. and can be used immediately after purchase, so they are also advisable for beginners. Light and compact, less bulky and convenient to carry. Upon subsequent use, it is easy to strip it down by just packing up the garbage, reducing the amount of luggage you require on your way home. It is also attractive because it is cheap and easy to purchase.

What Is a BBQ Stove? How To Choose It Well?插图7

BBQ Stoves differ depending on the model and the fire they use, and they also have a variety of functions, such as those that can be adjusted in height and those that can adjust the firepower. It is important to choose a product that is appropriate for the number of participants and the state of affairs in which it will be used, such as a large one if you are victimizing it in a large group, or unity with a lid if you are victimizing it at home. Please find one that will allow you to fully enjoy your barbecue.

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