Hiking shoes are essential for mountain climbing and hiking. Mountain trails are not always well footholded, which tin well cause fatigue in the feet, and also entail the risk of injury. Hiking shoes are an item you should prepare to keep off these problems.

There are many points to check in hiking shoes, such as depth of cut and waterproof function. In this issue, we will introduce how to choose hiking shoes, find the hiking shoes that are correct for you.

How to Choose Hiking Boots and Recommendations by Brand插图Do I need hiking shoes?

When you decide to start mountaineering, you may wonder if you very need special place for mountaineering. However, wads paths are often uneven and slippery, making it dangerous to walk about in ordinary bicycle sneakers.

Hiking place are attractive because of the sturdiness of the material of the upper separate and the hardness and grip of the sole, and they protect your feet from rocks and shoetree branches, even on mountain paths with poor people footing, without causing fatigue. They are therefore a necessary item to make your mountaineering undefined a rubber one.

How to Choose Hiking Boots and Recommendations by Brand插图1Hiking shoes are all about size

To enjoy mountain climbing safely and comfortably, it is important to choose hike place that fit your feet. Hiking shoes are designed with a severely toe to protect the toes from rocks and strange obstacles. Therefore, it may be more difficult to confirm that they accommodate your feet compared to sneakers.

When fitting hiking shoes, it is important to note that the fit wish variegate greatly depending on the socks you are wearing. As much as possible, wear down mountain climbing socks or thick socks to execute the fitting.

When fitting, tie the shoelaces tightly from the toes to the ankle, and the best size is about one index finger in the heel when the foot is inserted all the way in. After tying the laces, actually walk around and check to see if there is any discomfort.

How to Choose Hiking Boots and Recommendations by Brand插图2Check the rigidity of the sole

During the fitting, also check the rigidity of the sole. A soft, sneaker-like sole is easy to walk on and use for hiking and camping. On the other hand, rigid ones are recommended for traverse and mountaineering that requires heavy loads. The sole does not bend easily, which makes it possible to walk stably even on rocky terrain.

Moderately bent soles are suitable for enjoying low-mountain hiking and day mountaineering. Since it falls between soft and hard soles, it provides a good balance between ease of walking and stability.

Check the stiffness by pushing and bending the shoe with your hand or bending your toes during fitting. To enjoy trekking comfortably, try to find a model that suits your own use.

How to Choose Hiking Boots and Recommendations by Brand插图3Choose a model with excellent waterproof properties

The weather can suddenly turn bad on mountain trails. Therefore, it is recommended to choose hiking shoes with excellent waterproof properties. Models with Gore-Tex, a highly functional material with excellent waterproofing and moisture permeability, will keep the inside of your shoes dry and comfortable.

Also look out for models equipped with each manufacturer’s own waterproof material. Wearing waterproof hiking shoes will give you peace of mind when you encounter muddy conditions or puddles.

Can they provide good ankle support?

When choosing hiking shoes, check for good ankle support. A secure ankle allows you to walk smoothly even on poor terrain and reduces the risk of sprains and other injuries.

The higher the ankle circumference of hiking shoes, the better the support. If you are going to tackle serious mountaineering, choose high-cut or mid-cut hiking shoes.

How to Choose Hiking Boots and Recommendations by Brand插图4Check the depth of cut

Low cut

Low-cut hiking shoes are cut high enough to show the ankles. They are recommended for use on well-maintained mountain trails or for light hiking. They feature a wide range of ankle motion and are easy to walk in. A wide variety of models are also available with town use in mind. On the other hand, since the ankle is not fixed, sprains and other injuries may occur in places with poor footing. Another disadvantage is that foreign objects such as stones can easily get inside the shoes.

Middle cut

Mid-cut models are characterized by being cut at a height that slightly hides the ankles. In terms of application, they are recommended for low to intermediate mountaineering and day climbing. The mid-cut model holds the ankle appropriately, which can reduce the risk of injury. They also feature a wider range of motion and are easier to walk in than high-cut shoes. Because they can be used in a wide range of situations, they are ideal for beginners in mountaineering. If you are unsure about product selection, choose a mid-cut model.


High-cut hiking shoes are high enough to cover the entire ankle. They provide excellent ankle hold and are ideal for situations where the risk of injury is high, such as traverse mountaineering where you tend to carry a lot of baggage. Another advantage is that it prevents foreign objects from entering the shoe. On the other hand, it should be noted that the ankle range of motion is narrow and the weight tends to be relatively heavy.

Recommended brands of hiking shoes

mont-bellHow to Choose Hiking Boots and Recommendations by Brand插图5

Established in 1975, mont-bell is a Japanese outdoor equipment brand. The company is committed to developing unique products using new technologies and materials to enable comfortable activities in the great outdoors. They also offer functional, high-quality products at relatively low prices, and are recommended for those who value cosmopolitanism.


Columbia is a long-established outdoor brand born in the United States in 1938. It is characterized by the development of products that use original technology. They have excellent practicality, such as excellent moisture-proof and water-permeable functions and grip. Another appeal of their products is that they are inexpensive and easy to pick up as your first pair of shoes.


The North Face is a globally popular outdoor brand established in the United States in 1966. It is characterized by a wide range of products from high-performance ones that can withstand steep north face mountaineering to relatively light ones. Because of its excellent design, it is also recommended for those who want to enjoy outdoor coordination.

How to Choose Hiking Boots and Recommendations by Brand插图6

Hiking shoes are essential for relieving the burden on the feet and preventing injuries. Models with waterproof and breathable features are abundant, allowing you to walk with peace of mind even in bad weather. Check the size, rigidity, function, and depth of cut to find the model that matches your own use.

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