In addition to must-have items such as tents, sleeping bags, and lanterns, we have compiled a list of useful items and necessary material belongings by situation, such as overwinter camping and summertime camping. We have also included tips on how to take the right items, so please refer to them when packing as well as when shopping.

Camping Necessities: What Are Necessary For Summer & Winter Camp?插图What You Need for Summer Camping


Hats are necessary to protect against the hot summer sun. Hats are utilitarian for preventing inflame stroke and sunburn during the long hours expended outdoors. A hat with a widely brim and mesh material with excellent breathability will keep you dry and comfortable. Hats made of water-resistant material put up also be used as rain down gear.

Quick-drying shirts

Quick-drying shirts absorb perspiration quickly and dry quickly, qualification them wide spell camping in hot weather. Knit shirts made from a blend of polyester and cotton absorb water and dry out quickly, and are static-free and flame-resistant. Choosing a shirt that is supple, comfortable, and well-designed wish rustle your spirits!

Insect repellent goods

Camping Necessities: What Are Necessary For Summer & Winter Camp?插图1Summer is the season for comfortable camping in cool mountain forests, but it is also the time of year when insects abound. Insect bites tin cause prolonged itching and pain, so insect repellent measures are essential. In addition to wear long-sleeved clothing and spraying insect repellents, smoke-emitting items such as insect repellent exasperate sticks and candles are operational in keeping insects away. The countermeasures vary depending on the insects you want to prevent, so it is important to find out what kind of insects will be present at your campsite.

Electric fan

A fan is necessary to protect against the summer heat. Rechargeable fans are cordless and can be easily used on a tabletop, in a tent, or in a car. Some are compact but have a large airflow and swing function to circulate stagnant hot air and reduce the heat. If the fan has a hook, you can hang it on a pole or hang it inside the tent to expand the number of places you can use it.

Sun protection

Camping Necessities: What Are Necessary For Summer & Winter Camp?插图2Summer campers spend a lot of time in the sun, so UV protection is essential. The SPF value on the sunscreen indicates its effectiveness in preventing UV-B rays that cause skin irritation, while the “+” in PA indicates its effectiveness in preventing UV-A rays that darken the skin.

There are a wide variety of products, including sprays, gels, and creams, as well as cool-feeling types, with varying degrees of comfort. Choose the one that suits your skin and is easy to use. Remember to reapply frequently as you sweat easily.

What You Need for Winter Camping

Heating equipment

Heating equipment is essential for heating in fall and winter camps. Gas heaters, oil stoves, and wood stoves require fuel, but not only do they warm up well, they can also be used as cooking utensils. Electric heaters are also easy to use if you have a power source. A simple heating device is a hot-water bottle, which is simply filled with boiled water. Hot-water bottles that can be heated over an open flame can be easily heated on a gas stove or single burner. It is recommended to put it in your shrug or put it on your lap and cover it with a blanket to keep warm.


An easy way to keep warm is to use a body warmer. Warmers are not only disposable warmers, but also rechargeable or oil-based ones. Disposable body warmers are highly versatile and can be applied anywhere you like, such as on the back or stomach, or placed inside shoes. Oil warmers are fueled by benzene, which is an eco-friendly item because it produces no flame, generates no waste, and stays warm for a long time. Electric warmers can be recharged and can continue to be used.


Camping Necessities: What Are Necessary For Summer & Winter Camp?插图3Blankets are necessary to enjoy winter camping. Blankets made of flame-retardant materials can be used around a campfire. A blanket with snaps that can be woven like a poncho is useful because it won’t slip down. You should also be aware of the thickness of the material you choose so that it will protect you from the cold.

Carbon monoxide checker

When using stoves or other heaters indoors in a tent or lodging facility, if they are not properly ventilated, carbon monoxide can be produced and cause poisoning symptoms. The Carbon Monoxide Checker is an alarm to prevent accidents from carbon monoxide poisoning. Check when choosing a sensor made in Japan as they are of high quality and sensitivity. A carabiner is convenient for hanging inside the tent.

Down pants

To protect against the cold in winter camping, we recommend layering warm and lightweight down pants. If they are treated, they will repel some snow and rain. If they have side lines that fully open with zippers, they are easy to put on and take off without removing your shoes.

Middle Clothing (Middle Layer)

Camping Necessities: What Are Necessary For Summer & Winter Camp?插图4Intermediate clothing (middle layer) is worn between underwear and outerwear to increase warmth and help regulate body temperature. It mainly refers to jackets, fleeces, parkas, vests, and other warm-weather garments. Jackets with slits in the stretchable areas allow for ventilation during perspiration and close when movement is stagnant to enhance warmth retention. Intermediate clothing is essential for keeping warm in winter camp.

Hats and socks for warmth retention

Your head and ears also need warmth in winter camping. Pilot caps with ear muffs and knit hats with far-infrared ray effects that keep you naturally warm are a must. Choose one that fits comfortably on your head and does not slip off, making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Socks made of merino wool have excellent moisture control and heat retention properties and are not only comfortable and gentle to wear, but also have a natural temperature regulating function. It has the disadvantage of not being quick-drying or durable, but it is mixed with synthetic fibers to compensate for this. We want to keep our feet warm and comfortable during winter camping.

Camping Necessities: What Are Necessary For Summer & Winter Camp?插图5

The items you need for camping and the points to consider when selecting them have been briefly introduced, but the items you need will vary depending on the purpose and location of your camping trip. You can try minimalist camping where you keep your luggage as compact as possible, or you can decorate your camp site with more stylish items. Prepare the necessary tools and enjoy safe and comfortable camping.

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