First time camping or barbecuing. For outdoor beginners who are wondering what to bring, here is a list of all the things you need to bring for camping. Check it out if you want to know the list of things to bring, from the minimum necessary belongings for camping to items that are useful when you need them!

Camping Necessities: What Are The Necessities For Camping?[2023]插图Necessary Belongings for Camping

Introducing items necessary for camping where you will be staying in a tent! You will have a little more luggage if you will be staying in a tent, so let’s review what you need to bring so you don’t forget anything!

Tents and tarps

Camping Necessities: What Are The Necessities For Camping?[2023]插图1Camping is all about tents. Tents are not only a place to sleep; they are also a place to store your belongings at Night or in the rain, or a tax shelter to stay warm when the temperature is low. When choosing a tent, pay attention to the size and shape of the quiescence area, which will affect the difficulty of setting it up! Choose a size that will accommodate the number of people using the camp plus one or two for a spacious and comfortable stay. A tent with an irrigated pressure resistance of 1,500 mm or more will prevent rain from penetrating into the tent.

A tarp is a roof that creates a place to eat and gather—a living board in a house. It not only blocks out the sun, but also protects against sudden rain. There are many types of tarps, including hexa tarps, recta tarps, screen tarps, and one-touch tarps! You can use them solo, duo, or family-style, depending on the number of people and the scene.

Groundsheets and mats

Camping Necessities: What Are The Necessities For Camping?[2023]插图2A groundsheet is a sheet that is placed under the tent. It protects the bivouac itself from getting dirty, from moisture and cold from the floor, and from being torn by rubbing against stones and posing on the ground. It is also a good choice if you are setting up camp on ground that is muddy from rainfall, as the camp itself will not soak through. When choosing one, make sure it is smaller than the campout and has a minimum irrigate pressure resistance of 1,500 mm.

An inner mat is a mat that is placed on the stun inside the tent. They are also called floor mats. It reduces the unevenness of the run-aground and removes moisture and cold air from the ground. Be sure to know the inner camp size when purchasing. There are four types: silver medal mats, urethane mats, ventilated mats, and inflatable mats. Check what type is best suited for what kind of situation!

Shrug (sleeping bag)

Camping Necessities: What Are The Necessities For Camping?[2023]插图3There are high-performance sleeping bags that can withstand freezing temperatures in the mountains at elevations of thousands of meters, but such features are not necessary for camping. Also, summer and winter require different operating temperatures. Choose the one that best suits your camping style.

Pegs and hammers

Pegs are stakes that secure the ropes (guy ropes) connected to the fabric to the ground so that the tent or tarp will not be blown away by the wind. The pegs included with the purchase of a tent may not be strong enough to hold it in place during inclement weather, so we recommend cast pegs made of sturdy materials. Metal pegs are easier to drive into hard ground or gravel than plastic ones, and can be driven deeper into the ground.

A peg hammer is needed to drive pegs into the ground. The ones that come as accessories when you buy a tent or tarp are fragile. Buy a stand-alone, sturdy peg hammer, as they can be difficult to stick in campsites where the ground is hard. Of the three types, brass, stainless steel, and forged heads are recommended, as they are particularly hard and sturdy!

When striking, brass does not easily transmit hand impact but dents the striking part easily, while stainless steel transmits impact easily but does not dent the striking part easily.

Tables and chairs

Camping Necessities: What Are The Necessities For Camping?[2023]插图4Tables are necessary for cooking and eating in camp. The ground is surprisingly uneven, making it difficult to place pots and dishes upright. It is recommended to prepare several tables and separate them for cooking and eating! You can also choose between two different heights: low and high. The high is about 80 cm high and the low is about 30 cm high. Choose the height of the table according to your preferred camping style.

Chairs are useful for eating or taking a short break while camping. There are a wide variety of types, from those that can be compactly stored and carried to those with a reclining function. Like tables, there are two different heights: high is about 40 cm and low is about 20 cm.

Fire Pits

A campfire is a soothing sight to behold. These days, many campgrounds require a fire pit if you want to have a campfire, so a fire pit is a must if you want to have a campfire. With a fire pit, you can enjoy s’mores and other campfire dishes. If you bring a net with you, you can barbecue in the fire pit.

Cooking utensils

Cookers, Dutch ovens, and percolators are essential for cooking in camp. If you don’t want to carry dishes, you can eat straight from the cooker. Because they are stackable, they are easy to carry and perfect for solo camping!

Camping is all about cooking over an open flame, which is placed directly on top of the charcoal! Recently, cast iron cookers such as skillets and Dutch ovens, which are often used at home, have become popular. There are two main types: cast iron and stainless steel. Cast iron cookers are cool because they are processed with oil and become non-stick as they are used, and they have a rugged look. The high heat conduction characteristic of cast iron material makes vegetables and meat more delicious.

A percolator is a device that boils water and brews coffee. Brewed coffee has a robust flavor due to the extraction into hot water. It is a good item to have if you want to enjoy coffee while looking at the mountains or the ocean.

Camping Necessities: What Are The Necessities For Camping?[2023]插图5

We have introduced the necessary belongings for camping. First-time campers can enjoy camping for the time being as long as they have the minimum items.

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