Camping Cooking Gears: Recommendations For Each Type插图Snow Peak is a company with an eye for delicious food. Snow Peak is also exceptionally particular about its cooking gears. Take materials, for example. The Tsubame-Sanjo ultra-thin cast iron used for the Dutch oven was created from scratch through repeated discussions with highly skilled local craftsmen. Our goal is to create cooking gears that bring out the flavor of the ingredients. It should be easy to handle, easy to carry, and have functions that make you want to use it at home as well. Food is the greatest joy of camping. That is why Snow Peak does not want to compromise.

Recommended Barbecue Stoves and Grills

Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE-J II 2000017066

This is a gas-powered barbecue grill that is easy to use. The battery-powered igniter makes for easy ignition, and there is no need to clean up after charcoal or wood. A side table is provided for convenient storage of condiments and other items. The cooktop is wide enough to comfortably accommodate a large group of people.

A lid is included and a thermometer is also included. You can enjoy a variety of cooking such as oven cooking and steaming. The legs are equipped with wheels for smooth movement. This reduces the burden of carrying the cooktop.

The lid and cooktop can be removed for easy cleaning. It is useful not only for camping, but also for barbecuing at home in the garden.

LOGOS Grill Attache M 81060960

Camping Cooking Gears: Recommendations For Each Type插图1This is a tabletop grill in the shape of an attache case. In addition to being lightweight and compact, the case has handles for comfortable carrying. Another advantage is that the case holds the grilling net and firebox, and setup is completed by simply opening the case.

Removal is also easy: simply remove the parts and store them inside the case. This reduces the time and effort required for preparation and cleanup, allowing you to enjoy barbecuing more efficiently. The cooking surface has a wide-open structure for large use. The middle size is easy to use for multiple people.

The large firebox is designed to prevent heat from spreading to the main unit and to prevent dirt from adhering to it. Recommended for those looking for a model with excellent portability.

Recommended Cooker/Cooker Set

snow peak aluminum personal cooker set SCS-020R

Cooker set for 2 to 3 people. The wide opening makes it easy to put food and seasonings in and easy to clean. The shallow cooker can be used as a lid for the deep cooker. We recommend this product for a variety of cooking applications.

The material used is aluminum, which has excellent heat conductivity. The cookers are lightweight, easy to handle, and can be stacked for compact storage. It can be used not only as cooking gears but also as tableware, making it ideal for people who want to reduce their luggage.

Coleman Aluminum Cooker Set 2000010531

Camping Cooking Gears: Recommendations For Each Type插图2Cooker set with detachable handles. The cooker is made of 2.5 mm thick aluminum, which provides excellent heat conductivity. The non-stick finish prevents burning, making it easy to handle.

The approx. 26 cm wok pan with lid is useful for various types of cooking such as simmering, frying, steaming, baking, and deep frying. The approx. 24 cm frying pan and the approx. 18 cm one-handed pan with lid can all be stored in the Wok Pan. Also included is a convenient storage case for carrying them around.

The advantage of the quick handle for quick attachment and removal is that the entire pan can be served at the dining table. We recommend this cooking gears for enjoying authentic-looking and tasting camp meals while reducing luggage and washing up.

Recommended Gas Burners

Iwatani Cassette Gas Junior Compact Burner CB-JCB

Camping Cooking Gears: Recommendations For Each Type插图3This gas burner uses CB cans for fuel. In addition to being compact and foldable, this recommended product comes with a dedicated hard case for easy portability. It is useful for camping, hiking, touring, and a variety of other activities.

The gas burner features a windproof construction and is resistant to wind. It burns efficiently and supports smooth cooking. When using the company’s cassette gas, the continuous burning time is approximately 120 minutes. This cooking appliance is easy to use and useful for quickly boiling water.

PRIMUS 2243 Burner IP-2243PA

The IP-2243PA is an integrated single burner that uses an OD can and is designed with an X-shaped burner so that even if one section goes out, the other sections will maintain the ignition. The excellent windproof performance makes it attractive for efficient cooking.

Weighing only 253 g and measuring 10.7 x 10.7 x 5.9 cm, the X-Stove is lightweight and compact, and comes with a nylon staff bag for easy storage and transportation.

When using the company’s IP-250 type gas, the maximum burning time is approximately 55 minutes. We recommend this product for its excellent stability and high power to support cooking.

Recommended Dutch Oven

LODGE Camp Oven 12-inch Deep L12DCO3

Camping Cooking Gears: Recommendations For Each Type插图4This is a camping Dutch oven with legs. It can cook over an open flame with charcoal or wood underneath as well as on the stove. The lid is designed with a rim for easy charcoal placement. You can also enjoy roast beef and bread baking.

The back of the lid is gently sloped with a hollow center. It can also be used as a griddle by flipping it over on the stove or charcoal. The 5mm-thick cast iron provides excellent heat conductivity. Stir-fried or simmered dishes can be cooked only by heating from below.

By firmly closing the heavy lid, pressure is applied to soften even the hardest foods. This cooking gears can also be used for cooking without water or oil, and is recommended for those who want to make authentic camping meals.

UNIFLAME UF Dutch Oven 10-inch 660942

This Dutch oven uses a black leather iron plate. It features excellent rust and shock resistance and is resistant to sudden temperature changes. The advantage is that it is easy to clean, as it can be washed using a gold scrubber and household detergent.

The key point of this product is that it is made by rolling a single steel plate. The contact surface of the lid with the body is finished evenly and flat by machining. The attractive feature is that it engages well and draws out heat conductivity to heat the entire surface evenly.

The flat bottom allows for use with twin burners or in the kitchen at home. This is a good choice for those who want to choose camping cooking gears that is easy to use on a regular basis, as it is compatible with both gas and induction flames.

Camping Cooking Gears: Recommendations For Each Type插图5

For camping cooking gears, it is advisable to start with the minimum necessary equipment and then buy more according to your own camping style. A portable power supply for camping allows you to use not only cooking gears but also a refrigerator, lighting fixtures, etc., as well as to charge smartphones and use air conditioning and heating. Find your favorite camping cooking gears to create your own delicious camping meals.

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