Camp chairs are indispensable for a comfortable camping trip. The appeal of camp chairs is that you can choose one with a stylish design or one with superior functionality to suit your taste and style. However, with a wide variety of camp chairs available from varied manufacturers, it can be uncontrollable to know which one to choose. In this issue, we will explain the differences in style and the key points to consider when choosing one. If you are not sure which outside chair to choose, please refer to this article.

Camp Chairs: The Best Ways To Choose It In 2023插图Choosing by Chair Type

High Style

High-style chairs are camp chairs with a seat height of about 40 cm. Since the height is similar to that of dining chairs at home, it is characterized by the power to fudge and eat in a posture similar to that of normal life. The high sit-down also makes it easy to stand up and sit down, making it ideal for barbecues where there is a lot of moving around, such as with dynamic food and charcoal. It is also recommended for people who do not want to put excessive strain on their knees and backs.

Camp Chairs: The Best Ways To Choose It In 2023插图1Low chairs

Low chairs are camp chairs with a seat height of about 30 cm. They are characterized by the ease with which you can extend your legs. There is also a cross-legged type with a height of 10 to 20 cm, which is recommended for those who want to pass time relaxing in nature. They are also perfect for those who want to enjoy a bonfire because the sitting set is undefined to the ground. Another advantage is that they are soft enough to use inside a tent.

Bench type

Bench-type exterior chairs are recommended for families, groups, and other large groups. There are two types: one with a backrest and one without. The advantage of the work bench type is that it can be used not only for sitting but also for storing luggage. Many bench-type chairs have a folding structure, qualification them soft to set up. Since they can sit next to each other, they are also recommended for sessions with moderate children.

Camp Chairs: The Best Ways To Choose It In 2023插图2Stool type

The tiller type is an outside medium consisting of only a seat and legs without a backrest. Many of them can be stored compactly and are easy to carry. They are useful not only for camping but also for hiking, fishing, watching sports, and numerous other unusual activities. Another advantage is that they are easy to type up and use. It is also recommended to use it as an ottoman in combination with a senior high school-type chair.

Check The Portability

Lightweight model

Lightweight camp chairs are suitable for touring or backpacking by bicycle or motorcycle. The weight of around 1000g is not too heavy, and some models are as light as 500g. Many low chairs and stool types are available in lightweight models, so check them out if you are looking for a lightweight model.

Models that fold up small

Camp chairs can be stored in three main ways: assembled, folded, and converged. The assembled type is secondhand in many models that can be stored compactly. Many come with a carrying case and are easy to carry. Many assembled models are lightweight, so they are suggested for those who seek ease of transportation and storage.

Camp Chairs: The Best Ways To Choose It In 2023插图3Foldable chairs have strong framework tension for stable seating comfort and are widely used in camp chairs for one-person and bench types, making them suitable for families and groups camping. The storage size is comparatively large and bulky, so it is recommended for those who travel by car. The advantage of the converging type is that it can be set upward and taken down in one action. When stored, they tend to be bulky due to their vertical shape; many types come with a special storage case, making them easy to carry around. However, many of them are relatively heavy, so they are suited for those who travel by car.

Check The Load Capacity

The load capacity of camp chairs varies from around 80 kilograms for one person to 150 kilograms for sturdy types; just about all types exceed 200 kg for two-seat work bench types. When choosing a chair, it is advisable to choose one with a load capacity that is greater than your own body weight. Especially for large people, if you do not take a bench with an appropriate slant capacity, the seat or frame may be damaged. In some cases, this can lead to injury, so this is a point that must be checked.

Check the material of the seat and back

Polyester, cotton, and mesh materials are often used for exterior chairs. Polyester fabric is durable and does not easily lose its shape. Another advantage is that it is resistant to insect damage, making it easy to store. On the other hand, its disadvantage is that it is fire-sensitive and well punctured by fire sparks.

Camp chairs that are developed as fire-resistant models are mainly made of cotton. It is slightly heavier than polyester, but check it out if you need to enjoy bonfires. The advantage of mesh material is that it is extremely breathable. It is easy to use even in hot weather and is likewise recommended for outside air bathing along rivers or after tent saunas.

Camp Chairs: The Best Ways To Choose It In 2023插图4Other Features

Swivel function

Some outdoor lead models have a swivel function that allows you to turn the piece seated. This is a handy feature that allows you to pick up luggage behind you while seated or to stand upward without pulling the lead out when using a table. The moderate has an articulated arm to swivel the chair, and galore products feature high load-bearing capacity. This is also advisable for those who need to keep camping items within easy reach and pass time without standing up and sitting down frequently.

Drink Holders

It is also important to check whether the product is equipped with drink holders. Drink holders can hold plastic bottles and water bottles, as well as smartphones and other modest items. Some models are equipped with drink holders on some sides of the chair or have a side table with drink holders. This is advisable for people who want to loosen up in a chair for long periods of time, such as reading a book or taking a walk in the woods.

Camp Chairs: The Best Ways To Choose It In 2023插图5

Camp chairs are useful for camping and other activities. Since each product varies in size, weight, and material when stored, it is important to choose one with the scene of use in mind. To ensure safe use, you should also check the load capacity. Please refer to this article to find the perfect chair for you.

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