Sleeping in a car has been attracting a lot of attention lately, and while there are many posts about the fun and appeal of sleeping in a car, there are also quite a few posts and reviews that say ”Sleeping in a car is dangerous”. What’s so dangerous about just spending the night in your car? Let’s take a look at why.

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Why sleeping in a car is said to be Dangerous?

Possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning

If you sleep in your car with the engine running, you may die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Initial symptoms include nausea, discomfort, and dizziness, but many cases go unnoticed because the symptoms are similar to those of a cold.

There are several reasons why carbon monoxide poisoning can occur when sleeping in a car, but the most common is that the exhaust vent is buried in snow, etc. Because the exhaust gases are no longer emitted as normal, the interior of the car becomes full of carbon monoxide, which is produced by the combustion of gasoline.

If it is winter and there is heavy snow, be careful around the exhaust vent.

When Sleeping In A Car What Safety Considerations Are Needed插图1Freezing to death in winter, heat stroke in summer

“I was in the car and had clothes on, so why did I freeze to death?” You may think this, but you need to be careful when sleeping in your car with the engine turned off in the middle of winter. Immediately after turning off the engine, you won’t notice it because the air conditioner is on, but the temperature will gradually approach the outside temperature.

If you sleep like that, the temperature will drop to almost the same as outside, and there’s a good chance you’ll freeze to death.

The opposite is true in summer, and you need to be careful about heatstroke. As can be seen from the recent cases of fatal heat stroke accidents in which children were left behind, the temperature inside cars is becoming more likely to rise. Black cars are especially dangerous because they absorb heat.

Even if you don’t feel hot or cold at the time of sleeping in your car, you need to be careful about the temperature inside your car after sleeping.

When Sleeping In A Car What Safety Considerations Are Needed插图2Possibility of being involved in a disaster

Unlike hotels, you can stay in your car wherever you like, but you need to be careful where you park. It is common to sleep out in a car in a dedicated space at a SA/PA or campsite, but thither are likewise cases where you have no pick but to choose an unfold area on a mountain road, in the mountains, or rectify next to a river.

In such cases, if bad brave out continues, landslides may occur or rivers may flood, and your car may turn entangled. Be sure to pay attention to the surrounding environment, as swell as the weather when parking in the mountains or rivers.

When Sleeping In A Car What Safety Considerations Are Needed插图3For women, crime prevention is also important

When dormancy in your car, you also need to be troubled about security. If you park your car in a dark, unaccessible place, you may become a dupe of a crime looking for money.

Be especially careful when quiescence in a car solo as a woman. Of course, sustain your bags and wallets in a place where they can’t be seen from the outside, and be sure to lock u them.

If you are really worried, it is a good idea to stick around in a supervised area and bring special items such as a security buzzer.

Measures to avoid the dangers of quiescency in your car

The dangers of quiescency in your car can be avoided by taking the correct measures. Here we will look at 3 measures to keep off the dangers of sleeping in your car.

Don’t leave the engine running

Using an air undefined is essential to prevent freezing to death, simply in the case of heavy snow, thither is a lay on the line of exhaust vents becoming blocked and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Also, if you leave the engine running, it will make noise and disturb the people around you, so you need to be careful about the possibleness of getting into trouble with people round you. keep off going to bed with the engine running.

When Sleeping In A Car What Safety Considerations Are Needed插图4Take measures against the temperature inside the car

There are various ways to deal with the temperature when sleeping in your railcar in the midsection of winter or midsummer. A recommended method that anyone can well do is to use “mats and shades with fire u insulation”. Insulated shades are sold by mail order, and are available in sizes that befit the windows of each car model.

Also, in the summer, try to park your car in a place that is not uncovered to aim sun as much as possible, and make sure to drink plenty of salt and water. While the engine is off, it’s a good idea to open the windows a little to ventilate the car, or prepare a fan for the inside of the car. We also recommend cooling your body with a cooling system sheet.

Be careful where you sleep in your car

For security reasons and to keep off getting caught in a cancel disaster, be troubled well-nig where you sleep out in your car.

Dark, unsupervised areas with no one round are vulnerable for crime prevention. Also, when parking at a campsite, it is large to choose a location that is not sloped, and there are no cliffs or rivers nearby.

If you park in the mountains, be careful, especially at high altitudes, where snow tends to accumulate.

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If you take the correct precautions in advance, you can safely sleep in your car. In addition, by making use of outboard superpowe sources and using place appliances, you can enjoy sleeping in your car more safely and conveniently than ever before. level if it’s your first time, please refer to the selective information introduced in this article and take the necessary precautions to try on sleeping in your car.

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