A sleeping bag is indispensable for a comfortable camping trip. If you select an easy-to-use sleeping bag, you can sleep comfortably in your tent. There are more types of sleeping bags, so it is suggested to use the one that fits your body shape and sleeping style. The comfortable temperature varies depending on the product, so it is important to choose one that matches the season. In this issue, we will acquaint how to choose a sleeping bag. Choose a sleeping pocket that allows you to sleep comfortably and spend your tenting nights in comfort.

Sleeping Bag Buying Guide In 2023插图Select by shape

Mummy type

Sleeping Bag Buying Guide In 2023插图1A mummy-type sleeping bag is a sleeping pocket shaped like a man body. The vantage of the mummy form is that it is very snug and has a few gaps. It is advisable to use it as a winter sleeping pocket because it keeps personify heat from escaping and retains heat well. Mummy-type sleeping bags can be stored compactly. Because they can be stored small, they are advisable for touring and alone camping hobbyists.

The disadvantage is that it is very close to the body, making it difficult to move around. Those who prefer to move freely while sleeping may witness it difficult to sleep until they have old to it. When considering a mummy-type sleeping bag, undefined its warmness retention and portability as well as its ease of movement.

Rectangular type

Sleeping Bag Buying Guide In 2023插图2The rectangular type is a rectangular sleeping bag with the same width at the top and bottom. Once inside, you can move your arms and legs freely, making it similar to a futon. Another advantage is that it is easy to turn over. The feet and sides can be opened and closed with zippers, making it easy to adjust the temperature. In addition, some envelope-type sleeping bags can be made into a double-size sleeping bag by connecting two sleeping bags together. This is convenient for sleeping with arms and legs stretched out or for parents and children sleeping together. When the zipper is fully opened, the sleeping bag can be used as a mattress or quilt.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that it has gaps that allow for free movement, so it does not retain heat as well. In regions with cooler temperatures, you may feel cold while sleeping. Also, keep in mind that they tend to be bulky and large in storage size.

Sleeping Bag Buying Guide In 2023插图3Selecting a sleeping bag by the type and amount of padding

Sleeping bags are available with down or synthetic fiber filling. Since the comfort and warmth of the sleeping bag varies depending on the type of filling, choose the material that best suits your preference and use. If warmth retention is important to you, we recommend that you choose down fiberfill. Down is a round, spherical fluff that grows between the feathers of waterfowl and is characterized by its softness. The down wool holds in a large amount of air and acts as an insulator to keep the inside of the sleeping bag warm.

Also check the FP, which indicates the bulkiness of the down. The higher the number, the more air it contains and the more heat it retains, so it is recommended for camping in cold seasons. A product with a high fill power has high bulk and lightweight, even with a small amount of down. On the other hand, synthetic fiber padding is attractive for its cost-effectiveness. There are 100% polyester and manufacturer-developed fiberfill, so check the characteristics of each before purchasing. Another advantage is that they are easy to wash.

Choose by comfort temperature

The “comfort temperature” is listed on the sleeping bag’s specification sheet or tag. Different products have different comfort temperatures, so choose a sleeping bag that fits the location and season in which you will be camping. Generally speaking, sleeping bags should be used at a temperature about 5°C above the comfortable temperature. If there is a large difference between the comfortable temperature and the air temperature, it may be too cold or too hot, so make sure to check the temperature at the campsite and the comfortable temperature of the sleeping bag before purchasing.

Along with the comfortable temperature, you should also check the type of sleeping bag. There are not only summer and winter sleeping bags, but also three-season sleeping bags, etc. Use a sleeping bag that fits the season in which you will be using it. There are also all-season sleeping bags with temperature control functions, so check them out if you go camping frequently.

Recommended Manufacturers of Sleeping Bags


Sleeping Bag Buying Guide In 2023插图4mont-bell is an outdoor manufacturer that offers a wide range of camping gear. In addition to tents, tarps, and other gear, the company also offers clothing and backpacks. All of their products have simple designs and are reasonably priced.

In addition, Montbell offers a wide range of sleeping bags. Various types are available, including mummy-type and envelope-type sleeping bags, and the types of padding range from down to synthetic fiber. Another advantage is that Montbell offers sleeping bags not only for men and women, but also for women and children. Many are brightly colored and stylishly designed.


Sleeping Bag Buying Guide In 2023插图5Coleman is an American outdoor manufacturer famous for its lantern-designed brand logo. In addition to lanterns and lights, Coleman also offers a wide range of tents and furniture. Their products are popular among many campers for their design and functionality.

Sleeping bags are available in mummy and rectangular types. Children’s and family types are also available. A variety of designs and colors are available, so we recommend them to those who want to choose a sleeping bag that matches their tent and furniture.


Nanga is a Japanese manufacturer of outdoor bedding and clothing. Its predecessor was Yokota Sewing, which was a subcontractor to a bedding manufacturer and was involved in the production of kotatsu quilts and mattresses. Currently, its main products are down sleeping bags, and it also offers down jackets and other products.

Nanga’s sleeping bags are characterized by their focus on down filling. Various products are filled with down. One of the merits of Nanga’s sleeping bags is that they offer everything from winter to three-season models that can be used even in freezing alpine climates. The designs are stylish and fashionable.


Workman is a Japanese company headquartered in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture. The company’s stores are located throughout Japan and specialize in work clothes and related supplies for factory work. The brand also handles casual wear and outdoor goods, and is popular among people of all ages.

Sleeping bags are attractive because of their low prices. They are made of down, feathers, and moisture-absorbing, heat-generating wadding, and are excellent in terms of cost performance. Recommended for first-time campers and those who do not want to spend a lot on a sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag Buying Guide In 2023插图6

An easy-to-use sleeping bag is essential for resting your tired body in a tent. Since there are many manufacturers and types of sleeping bags available, we recommend that you understand the characteristics of each before making your choice. Find a sleeping bag that fits your body shape and sleeping style, and spend a comfortable night camping.

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