A “groundsheet” is a sheet that is placed under the tent to keep the space inside the tent comfortable by guarding against the cold bottom and softening unevenness of the ground. There are a wide variety of types, including lightweight, compact types recommended for mountain climbing and multi-functional types that can be used as a tarp.

In this issue, we will introduce recommended groundsheet items. If you are about to make your camping debut, or if you spend most of your time in a tent, please check them out.

The Best Groundsheets For Your Camping!插图Recommended Makers of Groundsheets


The Best Groundsheets For Your Camping!插图1Coleman was founded in the United States in 1901. It is a pioneer in the spread of outdoor activities in Japan, and is so well known that it is often referred to as the “Coleman” of outdoor brands. The company’s high technological capabilities have led to the development of a wide range of functional items. It is loved by many outdoor fans for its high design quality and rich lineup of products that can be used as furniture.


Montbell was founded in 1975 by Isamu Tatsuno with Fumiaki Masaki and Sachiko Masuo. With the philosophy of “Function is Beauty” and “Light & Fast,” mont-bell produces a wide range of outdoor gear that is easy to use. The company operates globally, not only in the United States, but also in Japan, Switzerland, and seven other countries. The company’s gear is made of the finest materials, is highly functional, and is highly regarded by many users.


The Best Groundsheets For Your Camping!插图2DOD is an outdoor brand of Beads Corporation, which was founded in Osaka in 1997. Its products feature a stylish and cute design of a rabbit picture along with the brand logo. Many of its tents and furniture are popular for their calm earth colors.

DOD offers a lineup of various groundsheets that match the tents sold by the brand. All products are made of thick, supple polyester fabric, which makes it easy to avoid rustling noises when setting up. Most products have a water pressure resistance of 5,000 mm, so they are highly waterproof and can be used with peace of mind.

Recommended Ground Sheet Models

Coleman Multi-Ground Sheet 210W 2000038134

A groundsheet compatible with Coleman’s popular Touring Dome ST and Touring Dome LX. The size for use is approximately 190 x 160 cm, suitable for tents with a width of 210 cm. Shock cords are included in 6 locations. We recommend that you can adjust the size according to the size of your tent. The sheet is made of 75D polyester taffeta, and weighs only 320g, making it light and easy to carry. It is also waterproof, with a water pressure resistance of approximately 2,000 mm, so you can rest assured even if it suddenly rains.

Mont-bell Ground Sheet Dome 2 1122663

The Best Groundsheets For Your Camping!插图3This groundsheet is compatible with the mont-bell Stella Ridge Tent 2, Mighty Dome 2, and Luna Dome 2 tents. The sheet is made of lightweight and durable 40D nylon. We recommend it for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and traverse walking for a long time because of its light weight (215g) and portability.

The urethane coating on the fabric is also a key point. It is water resistant to 2000 mm of water pressure, so it is safe even if it suddenly rains. The size for use is approximately 122 x 202 cm, but when stored, it can be compactly packed together at approximately 3.5 x 11 x 11 cm. Since it is not bulky, it is useful for outdoor activities where you have a lot of luggage.

DOD Groundsheet for One-Pole Tent M GS5-562-GY

Groundsheet designed to fit DOD’s 5-person one-pole tents. It features a spacious hexagonal shape with an approximate use size of 315 cm (width) x 270 cm (depth). And it has shock cords at each vertex, and can be easily installed by simply hooking it onto pegs. It can be set up without hesitation and is recommended for beginners in camping.

The sheet is made of supple 210D polyester, with a PU coating that provides a high water resistance of 5,000 mm, so you can enjoy camping regardless of weather conditions.

A carry bag is included, and the advantage is that it can be stored compactly at approximately 35 cm (width) x 13 cm (depth) x 9 cm (height). The sheet and tent can be stored separately, and it is also important to keep the tent from getting dirty. Despite its thick fabric, it is relatively lightweight, with a total weight of approximately 1 kg, making it easy to carry.

Ogawa PVC Multi Sheet 1405

The Best Groundsheets For Your Camping!插图4A groundsheet compatible with Ogawa’s 5-person dome tents “Pista 5” and “Risaheer 3. It is square shaped with a use size of 260 x 260 cm and suitable for tents with a floor size of 270 x 270 cm. Shock cords and plastic hooks are included at the four corners. Good strength due to the dove-tailed finish. The sheet is made of PVC material with high waterproofing performance with a water pressure resistance of over 10,000 mm. Even if it rains hard, it is not easily flooded and can be used comfortably. It is also recommended that the fabric is firm and thick, making it hard to be bothered by unevenness of the ground.

Although it weighs approximately 3.4 kg, the advantage is that it is not easily blown away by the wind when spread out and is easy to set up. It comes with a storage bag and can be packed compactly, so it can be stored without taking up much space.

LOGOS Ox Waterproof Groundsheet M 71207002

This ground sheet can also be used as a leisure sheet. Square shape with an approximate use size of 190 cm (width) x 190 cm (depth). It has grommets on the four corners and can be fixed to the ground by hammering in pegs. The included storage bag makes it compact, measuring approximately 30 cm (width) x 6 cm (depth) x 32 cm (height). In addition, weighing only 1.5 kg, it is light and easy to carry, so it is recommended for solo camping and touring camping.

The sheet is made of polyester and has a PVC coating on the back. It not only protects the tent from dirt and scratches, but also helps prevent water and moisture from seeping in from the ground.

The Best Groundsheets For Your Camping!插图5

If a camping groundsheet is not available, blue sheets or leisure sheets available at home centers can be substituted as a groundsheet. Setting up a tent without a ground sheet will cause a variety of problems, so try to put something in its place as much as possible.

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