Super Surfing Safari

Super Surfing Safari: Discover Australia’s best surfing beaches

So you are looking for summer, sun and adventure? If you are ready to say goodbye to the loop of everyday life for a while, why not wave waving to Australia’s balmy ocean wate …

So you are looking for summer, sun and adventure? If you’re ready to say goodbye to everyday grind for a while, why not wave hello to Australia’s warm ocean waters this surf exercises ? Grab your sunscreen, swimsuits and Australia travel insurance: it’s time for a scenic surf safari. Let me tell you about some of my favorite places to ride the beautiful waves in the country below.

The Pass, Byron Bay (NSW)

If you are an avid surfer, vacationing in Australia without conquering the waters of the pass is really a crime. This stretch of water near Clarkes Beach in New South Wales is considered one of the most exciting surfing areas in all of Australia – and that says something! The waves not only allow you to reach new heights (Surfing Safari Brooch Set), but you also have a breathtaking – but hopefully not too distracting – view of the entire bay.

Bells Beach (Victoria)

This stunning neighborhood in Torquay is ideal for beach goers and surfers alike. When you’re ready to take the waters of Bells Beach by storm, be warned: you will definitely want to invest in some Australia travel insurance before the region’s strong waves break. But what makes this surfer spot special is its landscape. Along with the amazement of the surrounding red surfing wet suits, you are just a stone’s throw from the world-famous Great Ocean Road, which I highly recommend exploring. If you’re looking for another aquatic challenge, just head to nearby Winkipop, which, though not as busy as Bells Beach, is as picturesque and challenging as a place to show off your surfing skills can put.

South Cape Bay (TAS)

Tasmania’s South Cape Bay can be summed up in three words: powerful, cool and secluded. This beach is perfect for experienced surfers who want to face the challenging water conditions. And if you’re a nature lover, it gets better: the beach is 7.7 kilometers from civilization and takes you through some of Australia’s best World Heritage Sites. Peace and quiet, breathtaking scenery and wild waves. What is not to love

Point Break, Noosa (QLD)

This well-known surf spot is located in Noosa in Queensland and is ideal for beginners and experts alike. The fantastic thing – and almost too good a goal – in this area is that you can ride the waves all at once. When you’re ready for a relaxed surfing experience, you won’t be disappointed with Point Breaks’ gentle waters, which are great for perfecting your technique.

Margaret River (WA)

The Margaret River in Western Australia is famous for two things: surfing and wine (but even if you have your Australia travel insurance, never try these two things at the same time!). After enjoying the pristine surfing conditions of this area – or even trying something new like kitesurfing – why not rush over a glass of local Merlot wine? For a vacation that combines athletics and sophistication, Margaret River is the place to be.

And there you have it, surfer: It doesn’t get any better than a surf safari in Australia. But even if you count yourself among the most experienced surfers, don’t let your trust overshadow you. Instead, make sure you take out InsureMore’s economical Australia travel insurance before you start your sporting vacation. With our quick and easy claims system, you can surf or try other adrenaline-based activities that catch your imagination, knowing that we will have our backs anytime.

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