Summer Surfing

Prepare for a summer surf safari!

So you’re preparing for a summer surf trip? Then prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime! It’s a cute picture, but it’s all the sweeter if you are properly equipped for it. Knowing where to go well – whether Algarve, Biarritz, Cornwall or further away – is just the beginning: in order to really claw your surf trip, you have to make sure that you can match the waves as well as the waves with you.

Choosing the right place for your skills

The world is a lot of water, so if you plan your trip well in advance, you have to make an effort to really get your foot wrong. It helps get the perfect fit, but a great way to narrow your choice is to look at the types of waves you’d most like to ride – shallow reefs and long beaches are more to your style, or are you up for it looking for something higher and wilder? Depending on your skills, you should also consider whether you are looking for a larger resort or surf camp where there are many opportunities to brush up on your skills, or somewhere more off-grid to really face the ultimate challenge.

If you’re looking for a late booking, no problem – in fact, your life will be made easier by a narrower pool of options. Just look at the buy surfboard forecast to see where the best waves for the data you’re looking for and make that your immediate destination.

Pre-trip physical preparation

It doesn’t hurt to shape yourself a little before taking a break. Try to hit the pool and be softened in advance to give the senses the kick start they need. The gym is also a good idea for getting into a surf workout to really power up your legs, ready for riding the waves like a boss. The best part is that it helps you get some calories beforehand – you’ll burn a lot of steam! Load up on the carbohydrates, but make sure that you give your stomach a good stretch – it will work wonders if you are on the board.

What to pack

Make sure you have at least one surfboard and plenty of wax to go with it. Spare fins, a board line and a small thing repair kit are also big lifesavers, especially if you are off the beaten track – they are not always easy to get, so it’s great to have them in reserve for possible breaks or tricks to have, but make sure you put them on hold when you catch a flight. However, if you go mainstream anywhere, there is no sweat – you can easily get equipment if, although of course nothing is better, having your own board to suit your style.

Latest surf gadgets

Speaking of style, if you really want to make a splash, why not equip yourself with some of the best and latest surf gadgets? Smartwatches like Nixon The Mission can not only keep you on course, but also the wave and wind forecasts, surf warnings and weather notifications – one for the professionals. How about getting a GoPro and Floater HeadStrap so you can catch the coolest snapshots and still experience every wave of waves ?!

How to get there

No matter what waves you choose to chase, you know you can get there without sweat by booking an airport transfer with Shuttle Direct. If you let us know in advance that you are planning to bring your board with us, we can ensure that we will send you the perfect vehicle for you and all your equipment when we pick you up. Now it’s a gnarly start to the perfect surf tour!

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